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Herpes Simplex 2 Virus is the most widespread of all STD's, affecting 60 to 100 million Americans (up to 500,00 new cases per year). It is a life long infection that alternates between virulent and inactive stages. It may be transmitted even when there are no symptoms, by direct contact of infected fluids from saliva, skin discharges or sexual fluids. Babies can pick up the virus in the birth canal, risking brain damage, blindness, and even death. Recurrent outbreaks may be triggered by emotional stress, poor diet, food allergies, menstration, drugs and alcohol, sunburn, fever, or a minor infection. Men are more susceptable to recurrence than women. Outbreaks are opportunistic in that it takes over when the immune system is low and stress is high. Optimizing immune function is of primary importance. A Lysine rich, Arginine poor diet has merit. Arginine rich food aggravate herpes. Avoid them when possible. This includes chocolate, peanuts, almonds, cashews and walnuts; sunflower and sesame seeds, coconut. Eat wheat, soy, lentils, oats, corn, rice, barley, tomatoes, squash with discretion.  Avoid citrus during healing.
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Although many think of herpes as a skin infection, is actually an inflammation of the sensory nerves. In between outbreaks, the herpes DNA survives in nerve centers at the base of the brain called ganglia. During outbreaks, the DNA replicates, forming a virus. The virus passes down the nerve to the skin, where it causes lesions.

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