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The colon and bowel are the depository for all waste material after food nutrients have been extracted and processed into the blood stream. Decaying food ferments, forms gases as well as 2nd, even 3rd generation toxins, and the colon becomes a breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria,  viruses, parasites, yeasts and more. Most naturopaths believe that this old, infected material in bowel pockets (diverticulosis), which often reasorbs into the body and nearby organs, is a cause for up to 90% of all diseases. Ideally one should eliminate after each meal, but some experts say the average American is 50,000 bowel movements short over a lifetime because our bowels are so sugglish. Bowel transit time should be about 12 hours. Healthy intestines are your body's second immune system. Some even say your second brain. Take in plenty of fiber and liquids, exercise regularly and have a regular daily time for elimination.
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