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A large number of men suffer from prostate enlargement problems. Disorders usually begin after age 35 and by age 50, over 25 percent of all men have enlarged prostate. By 70, it's over 50 percent and by age 80, it's over 80 percent. Lifestyle causes, such as obesity, and hormonal changes, such as increased estrogen levels and altered testosterone levels, are at the root of the problem. Drugs like PROSCAR and PROS-GUARD report side effects of decreased potency and libido, in some cases it has stifled completely.  But men can help themselves easily and naturally to manage prostate problems without the highly adverse side effects, often as bad as the prostate problem itself, and limited success of the drug approach. The plan should be; less fat, more fiber, stay fit. Avoid chemical antihistamines. Overuse impairs liver and prostate function.
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