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Chemistry Panel & Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Regular Blood Testing may be the most important step you can take to prevent degenerative diseases and safeguard your precious health. Order your tests today!

List Price: $47.00
Our Price: $47.00
Female Basic Hormone

This panel contains the most essential hormones a woman should have tested. Each one is crucial to supporting optimal health. However; before attempting to restore DHEA to youthful levels women should consider estrogen and testosterone testing when they take their DHEA blood test in order to evaluate DHEA’s effect on their blood levels of these hormones

List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $100.00
Male Basic Hormone Panel

This panel contains the most essential hormones a man should have tested. Each one is critical to supporting optimal health. DHEA and Testosterone, especially free testosterone, can significantly decline with aging, while PSA and estrogen may rise.

List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $100.00
Heavy Metals Panel (Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum)

Concerned about environmental exposure to mercury, arsenic, or aluminum? Consider taking our Heavy Metals Panel. Even moderate exposure over time to heavy metals can cause damage. It can also be life-threatening. The body is able to rid itself of small amounts of heavy metals … but moderate to large quantities accumulate in the kidneys, liver, bones and brain.

List Price: $265.00
Our Price: $265.00